Monday, 1 October 2018

Weekly update: Sept 23 to 29

Weekly word count: 7 862

I'm very pleased with how the writing has gone this week.  I finished the first draft of Third Eye Open and began Division.  It is a real pleasure to start working with Vincent again and get to tell his story.  He's had a rough time in the first four lalassu novels and has earned himself a happily ever after.

Giving myself a writing break on the weekend and using that to deal with the business side of writing has been working really well.  I feel more energized come Monday and I'm less likely to let a day slide to deal with the other thousand things that have to be done.  My daily word totals are higher and overall, I write more per week, so for now, this is the method that works.

Taking the weekends off may make things more difficult for Nanowrimo in November.  There are 22 weekdays, which means I need to do at least 2 273 words per weekday in order to make the 50 000 goal.  On the one hand, my inherently competitive nature means I want to reach that goal (and it would mean a nice leap forward for Division), and on the other, I promised myself that I wasn't going to let myself get burned out again.

I've also made a change on my Upcoming Projects page.  I'm going to start posting a chart with my overall weekly writing progress on that page so readers can see how things are going.  I know this is a long gap to wait for the next installment of the lalassu novels.  It usually takes me 7-8 months to get a draft ready for beta-reading and editing.  I'm hoping that I can lower that but we'll see what life has in store.  Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me through this process.  

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