Monday, 5 February 2018

Weekly Update: January 28 to Feb 3

Weekly word count: 6730

Start of the editing countdown: Prologue + 3 Chapters, out of 45 (or so I thought)

Let's start with the unpleasantness.  I'm in the middle of some computer upgrades and migrations.  And as a result, I've had to switch around all the folders.

I got my content edit back this week and have now begun going through chapter by chapter to prepare for my line edit.  I started 3 days ago with a very intensive process that takes 2-3 hours to edit each chapter, assuming there are no major changes.  Anything involving a more substantial rewrite will take longer.  I'd done the first three chapters plus the prologue in 3 days and was feeling pretty good.

Until I realized I was editing the wrong version of the manuscript.  I label my manuscripts by drafts, starting with A.  This was the C draft and I should have been editing the D one.

Oh, that's discouraging.  

But there is good news.  I'd looked at what needed to be done and I'd asked for an extra 3 weeks to prepare, which the editor was kindly able to accommodate.  So rather than being under an incredibly tight schedule, I have the wiggle room to recover from this.

I'm still furious at myself, but it's a lesson in paying attention to the details.

Even more good news, ORWA's social media workshop this weekend was fascinating and incredibly useful.  And, as always, it was great hanging out with my friends.

I'm taking Sunday night to dust myself off, get a good night's sleep and accept that I screwed up.  Monday, we start again to do it right.

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