Monday, 19 February 2018

Weekly Update: February 11 to 17

Weekly word count: 500

Chapters edited: 12 of 45

This week ended up being a self-care week.  And not as in an "I'm on holiday and having too wonderful a time to worry about work" kind of way.  More like a "I'm on holiday but I've got a lot of upset, angry people to manage plus deal with my own kids" kind of way.  It's been an incredibly stressful week and there has been no opportunity for the break I would need to be able to cope.  So in order to stretch my coping abilities, I made the very hard decision to put aside my hopes of writing early on in the week and about halfway through I realized I also needed to stop editing if I wanted to have a shot of making it back home reasonably intact.

I'm glad my kids have had a good time (with some speedbump/tantrum fits along the way).  They've gotten a good dose of Disney magic and there have been some delighted smiles and laughter.  But it is a lot of work to make that happen and the vast majority of that has fallen on my shoulders and been made more difficult by the extended family who is vacationing with us.

I'm emotionally and mentally exhausted right now.  I want to crawl into a hole and cry and sleep and not come out for a very long time.  But that's not a luxury that I have, not now and not when we're home.  I've prided myself on being able to work through such things, but I'm also smart enough to know when I'm done.  And for now, I'm done.

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