Monday, 26 February 2018

Weekly Update: February 18 to 24

Weekly word count: 3630

Chapters edited: 17 of 46

A look back at the last month shows that I've been struggling to make my word count, so I've decided to step it up and join my fellow ORWAn, @LBoota.  We'll be tweeting each other every day with our word counts and hopefully it encourages us both to get our fingers on the keyboard.

It's been a real up and down week for me.  The highlight was doing an escape room with some of the ORWA gals.  (Spoiler: we didn't make it out but we had a lot of fun and I think we made some good progress and showed innovative thinking.)

The low point was discovering that someone I've known and who has been working with my family for over a decade had committed suicide.  It was a professional relationship so there wasn't a strong emotional attachment, but as someone who has struggled with depression for most of my life, it still ended up hitting me hard.  Here is a link for crisis centres in Canada.  If you're hurting, please reach out for help before making any big decisions.

And if you're not hurting, please take a moment each day to be kind.  A moment of kindness can be like a spark in a dark room.  It doesn't take much to chase the shadows away, even if its only for a second.  You never know when that moment can make all the difference.

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