Monday, 22 January 2018

Weekly Update: January 14 to 20

Weekly word count: 5740

Not quite what I'd hoped but not bad for a nine-finger typing week.  (My right index finger is out of commission due to something that  I'm choosing to lie about and say is a swashbuckling incident.)

Hopefully next week I'll have my content edit back and then I can launch into rewrites.  I've already got some good feedback from my beta readers, so the brain is already working.

I officially got Revelations out of the KDP program so now I'm working on having it published across a wide variety of platforms.  The rest of my work will be coming out of KDP over the next two months.  I've decided to use Draft2Digital to get everything into a wide platform.  I've heard good things about them.

Next up on the distribution checklist is seeing about putting Revelations up on Wattpad.  I'd been considering between Wattpad and Radish but recently learned that once a story is up on Radish, it can't be taken down again.  I don't mind having Revelations available for free for awhile, but I don't want it permafree.  So the final decision is Wattpad but I'm going to try putting the Spirit Sight short stories up first, just to test the system and see how it works.

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