Monday, 16 March 2015

Weekly Update: March 8-14

Word count: 4400

Next week is March Break and I'm anticipating low productivity.  With the kids home, I want to spend some time with them having fun.  I figure I only have another few years before they would rather be ridiculed in public than hang out with their mom and I intend to take full advantage of them.

I've been fighting a bit with a subplot of Metamorphosis.  It seemed like a good idea at the time (and I think it is still a good idea) but it's not fitting with the rest of the story.  I'm having to force it in rather than letting things flow.  So I'm looking at how difficult it would be to cut it out.

I've reached the halfway point for my first draft of Metamorphosis, which puts me on target to have it ready for beta-readers for July. 

I got another positive review from Taking It One Book At A Time: 5 fangs.  Sales have been holding fairly steady and I don't think it's just my friends and family picking it up.

I'd like to plan another promotional campaign but I'm not quite sure what to do for it.  I'll have to chat with some of my published friends and get some ideas.

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