Monday, 30 March 2015

Weekly Update: March 22 to 28

Weekly Word count: 7200

This week I've been going through the first half of Metamorphosis and removing my troublesome subplot and replacing it with a better one.  It's been a lot of rewriting but the story is much tighter and flows faster now.

I also got a great 5 paw review from Happy Tails and Tales.

I've discovered that I am not skilled at keeping track of all the various moving elements of review requests and guest posts, despite my attempts to keep it all nicely organized in a spreadsheet and a calendar.  Hopefully I can find a system which works for me and then get things running smoothly but for now, I'm trying not to beat myself up too much for my mistakes.

In a couple of weeks, the Ottawa Romance Writers' Association is having a workshop on virtual assistants and making the most of opportunities.  The idea of having someone keep track of such things for me is very attractive, but probably not affordable for at least another few years.  Opal Carew praises her assistant, Laurie, all the time, crediting Laurie for a significant portion of Opal's success.  With Laurie taking care of managing appointments, deadlines, requests and promotion opportunities, Opal has been able to concentrate on writing and publishes several books a year.

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