Thursday, 19 March 2015

Taking Some Inspiration: Fire Within

The blog Nadaness In Motion has a weekly image to inspire a short story, poem, whatever.
Photo credit: Stephanie Nehme
The smell of the sea was the first thing she remembered in life.  It permeated every moment of her awareness and crept into her dreams.  The waves soothed her with their endless shushing.  The shore birds calls were the music of her days.  She knew how to dash across the soft sand without it sucking at her toes and how to balance on the smooth rocks without falling into tidepools.
All these things she knew.  But she found her eyes lifting to the horizon, to the steep bulk of mountains carpeted in living greenery.  Beneath them lay a pulsing heart of fire, one which echoed in her own breast.  Both wore a disguising cloak of calm and verdant acceptance but the fire was never far beneath the surface.  It flashed in her eyes and bubbled in her veins, stealing her contentment and peace.
She spent long nights walking the beach, staring at the mountains which were only outlines of darkness, visible only by the stars they blocked.  Someday, she promised herself.  Someday she would burst forth from the confines of the cool stone of her life and create something new.  She would reshape the world around her, molding it in the crucible of her dreams and strength.
She did not yet know how she would do this.  What form would the fire take?  Would it be words of poetry and inspiration?  Images which spoke across languages?  Objects to be held in the hand?  An idea which would revolutionize entire ways of life?
For now, there was only the fire burning bright in her heart and mind.  Waiting for the perfect moment of creation.

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