Sunday, 1 February 2015

IT'S UP!!! 25 to 31 January

Weekly word count: 2600 words in Metamorphosis

Although I didn't make my weekly count, I'm pleased with the reason.  I got Revelations back from the proofreaders and now it is available in e-book format on the Amazon website.  (A print version is still coming, but will take a little longer.)

It took me about 6 hours to go through the proofreads and finalize the text.  Then it took me 8 hours to get it up on Amazon.  Most of that was figuring out the formatting.  Doing the interactive table of contents was a particular time-eater.  About two hours of trying to figure it out on my own before I found a video tutorial that made things a lot clearer.  Then about another hour to finally get it working.

There were a few significant delays when the suggestions on Kindle's help area didn't work for me.  But Google saved the day with alternatives which helped me to get things set out.  Next time, it probably won't take as long.  I still expect to discover more challenges but I'm pleased with how it looks.

I've got most of the Revelations section of the site up.  The Behind the Scenes is still taking a little while to put together but should be up soon.

I also got my Twitter feed up and running, so people can follow me at @jclewisupdates if they want.

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