Monday, 23 February 2015

Weekly Update: February 15-21

Word count: 5500

I've been struggling this week to find the right balance between writing, promotion and the rest of my life.  Surprisingly enough, my children and husband are somewhat less than understanding when two weeks of laundry is piling up because I haven't had time to put it away.  (Side note, children = chore labour ... must figure out how that works.)

Granted, this has been an unusually busy time with the book blitz, but I don't really expect things to get much quieter.  Life is never simple and quiet, like clutter, it expands to fill all potential openings.

I've got my first review on Amazon, which is pretty cool.  And my first rating on Goodreads, which I'm also happy about.

I've been learning a lot from the different blogs from the blitz.  Namely about how to increase reader engagement.  The most interactive blogs are ones where the blogger replies to different comments.  I guess the next thing for me to learn will be how to encourage people to comment in the first place.

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