Tuesday, 27 January 2015

18 to 24 January

Weekly word count: 5200 words

I'm nervously counting down until my proofreads arrive back and I can actual post Revelations on Amazon.

But I'm also pleased with how Metamorphosis is coming along.  I've ripped apart the plot and put it back together again with a better plot line and character arcs.  I do this fairly often when writing my "first" draft.  I find it takes me four or five times through the material before I have a draft I feel is worth sharing.

The constant rewriting is why I don't do elaborate plotting right from the beginning.  I have my outline and my photo album full of cue cards so that I can make notes.  But I know I'll end up ripping most of it apart anyway.  So I do a careful and detailed outline for the first ten chapters and let the rest stay nebulous and vague.

I'm also looking at starting up a Twitter account.  I know it's a great connection tool but I've been wracking my brain about what I could possibly tweet since I don't tend to venture too far from the office and home on a regular basis.  But it occurred to me that there is one area where I venture out: the books I read.  So maybe that's an option.  I have my Goodreads account but posting a review of every book I read would be time consuming.  This way I could do a one sentence review, which might be easier.

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