Monday, 28 January 2019

Weekly Update: January 20-26

The edits and trimming proceed apace.  I'm down to 96k for Eyes On Me with fifteen chapters left to go.

My darlings have been appropriately murdered, if they don't serve the plot, which is now considerably tighter than the draft I submitted.  I still love the story and had a weepy-eyed moment while editing a few chapters where my hero and heroine finally recognize they're falling in love.  And I adore my secondary characters.  I always need one sarcastic and witty spokesman to say all of the irreverent and funny things I want to say.  I'm particularly proud of my Princess of Pop, my heroine's sister.  She's a well-rounded character who avoids the usual stereotypes and it's been such fun writing a close, supportive sister relationship.

I am looking forward to finishing these edits and getting back to Division.  And then I'm looking forward to writing the sequel to Eyes On Me.  And possibly another project, but that one will have to be a secret for awhile.

I know a lot of writers are intimidated by the blank page but I love it.  All the possibilities, all the plot bunnies, everything is new and brilliant and just waiting to be discovered.  Writing the first draft is my favourite part of the process.

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