Monday, 21 January 2019

Weekly Update: January 13-19

I've been working hard on my edits for my Soul Mate Publishing book and I have 25 000 words to trim from the manuscript.  So instead of logging words written, I'm going to track the number of words I've removed.

This week, I went through 6 chapters and removed 2 250 words.

I need to pick up the pace.  Ideally I should be going through at least 2 chapters a day.  Thus far, it's taking me 3-4 hours to go through each chapter, removing overused words, searching for places where I can state things more efficiently, and recrafting a few of the subplots to tighten them up.  I'd like to get the manuscript back to my editor before Valentine's Day so that there's plenty of time for further tweaks as needed.

I wish I had the time to work on Division as well as Eyes On Me but if I want to meet my targets, I need to focus.

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