Monday, 7 January 2019

Weekly Update: December 31 to January 5

Weekly word count: 1070 and a lot of plotting

After careful consideration, I've decided that it's time to start on my second draft for Division.  I'm over 80k into the story but the foundation is shaky and there's a number of elements that need to be introduced earlier or rearranged in order to make sure the plot stays tight.  Doing it now will make it easier to write the last 40k in the story.

I'm hoping that I can go through the rewrite quickly.  I'm keeping the vast majority of what I've written, though with some tweaking.  

I had a lovely New Year's Eve with my fellow ORWAn, Eve Langlais and her daughter and friends.  It was a fun evening of music, movies and board games.  And then a few days later we tried an escape room together (along with my 11 year old) and we actually managed to get out before the buzzer.

Sunday was ORWA's January meeting and it was nice to see a lot of new faces as well as meet up with the usual crowd.  No one gets you like other writers and I've always found ORWA to be a friendly, supportive group.

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