Sunday, 4 November 2018

Weekly Update: October 28 to November 3

Weekly word count: 5 143

First week back from vacation, not as productive as I would have hoped but there were a lot of things that needed to be taken care of.  It was still respectable though.

I'm settling into Nanowrimo.  Since I'm not writing on the weekends, I have 22 days to write 45 000 words, which means a daily target of 2 045 words per day.  But I have to be honest, my real goal is to make sure that I am sitting down to my computer every weekday at 1 pm, rather than letting other responsibilities eat away at that time.  If I can be at the keyboard for 1, I will have two and a half hours every weekday to write.

For the first two days, I didn't do it.  On November 1st, I had a meeting which was rescheduled from October 31st and I didn't get any writing time in the afternoon.  I did spend some time writing after my kids got home from school but I was distracted and interrupted, so it wasn't terribly productive.  But it was five hundred words further than I would have been if I hadn't made the effort, so that counts.

November 2nd was better.  I got to my keyboard by 1:20 and did 1932 words by the time I needed to finish.  

The ORWA meeting this weekend was fantastic.  We had a private investigator in and he shared all kinds of useful information on what private investigators and security are actually allowed to do (versus what movies tell us they do) and some very interesting stories about his time working as private security for a hotel and doing skip-traces to find people trying to run out on their debts.

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