Monday, 25 December 2017

Weekly update: December 17 to 23

Weekly word count: 4450

Editing countdown: 18 of 45

Not a great writing week, but progress nonetheless.  I've tentatively titled book one of my new series Deadly Potential.  Since I'll be pitching it to the traditional publishers, they'll be the ones to decide on the final name, so I'm trying to not get too attached.

I'm also trying to remind myself that next week will not be productive and that's okay.  Because it's okay to concentrate on the holidays instead of working.

It's funny, no matter which project I'm working on, I want to just keep going with it, so it's jarring to switch back and forth between the editing and the writing.  However, I've learned not to push myself too much on either of them.  No more than 4 chapters a day for editing, or else I miss things.  And about 4000 words a day seems to be my limit for writing well.  Not that I get close to that on most days.

Happy Holidays everyone. 

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