Monday, 3 July 2017

Weekly Update: June 25 to July 1

Weekly word count: 3900

I always seem to get more productive the closer we get to a deadline.  September, October, I have a hard time getting myself in gear.  Last two weeks of June, banging it out.  :)

This weekend was Canada's 150th anniversary and it was an incredible celebration here.  Huge open air concerts all over the city, covering just about every musical genre.  Spectacular fireworks displays blooming in the darkness.  And red and white everywhere that we looked.

I'm proud to be a Canadian.  I like our country's blend of protection (health care, gun laws, social security) and encouragement (social mobility, individualism, the luxury of following our dreams rather than worrying about putting food on the table).  I'm proud of our ability to accept and include new cultures and traditions.  Even if we don't always get it right, the majority of Canadians are supportive of helping others make their own choices.

I've heard Canada described as the ultimate efficient society.  We are big believers in getting things done and nothing raises our ire like accusations of waste.  And that includes wasted potential where someone isn't given an opportunity because of race, gender, religion or any other criteria that wouldn't impact their ability to do the job.  We don't have a lot of patience with people who waste our time by jabbering on about things they don't actually know about.  We don't want to waste our precious time and resources policing things which are chosen freely between consenting individuals.

We're not perfect.  No question of it.  We have those who try to stir the pot of hate and prejudice.  We have people who react out of fear.  We've done some horrible things in our past and need to do some serious work to make it right.  

But I believe that we want to make it right.  We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy life, follow their dreams and be themselves.  

So for that, I stand proud.  I am Canadian.

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