Thursday, 20 July 2017

Gastro Bugs and Travel Exhaustion

First off, apologies to everyone for missing Monday's post and being late with this one.  For the record, my weekly word count was zero for last week.  I plead exhaustion from taking care of two kids, a husband and a dog while enjoying our time in Alberta.  

Then, when we got back, we got hit with a nasty gastro bug that took out our whole family at once.  (Usually viruses are courteous enough to hit us one at a time so that there's always someone healthy to deal with stuff.)  

It's taken me awhile to get my feet back under me, but I was able to get some writing time yesterday, which makes me feel better.  Soon my kids will be off to their grandparents' cottage and then I can try some real writing binges.  But I probably won't be as productive as last year, since I'm still finding I don't have the endurance that I did before my surgery in March.

I had a wonderful time out in Calgary, particularly with meeting a new family member who also turned out to be a fan of my writing!  We have a lot in common and I could have spent days visiting with her.  Always great to find another sister-in-spirit.

I'm looking forward to Romancing the Capital in a few weeks.  And hopefully, I can get myself back on track.

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