Monday, 13 March 2017

Weekly Update: March 5th to 11th

Weekly word count: 3050 words

As part of my draw this week, I asked my readers to share something they'd learned.  This week I have learned that I was crazy when I thought I could combine a family road trip with writing.

Writing while sitting in the car for hours on end.  Sounds like a great idea, until factoring in that I can't see the screen with my sunglasses on.  And the constant interruptions for music changes, snacks and other challenges just made it incredibly hard to concentrate.

But there's still the option of writing at night.  It's not my most productive time but even a few hundred words is better than nothing.  I'm limping along but still making progress.

On to other news, I was blown away by Book Partners In Crime's tour.  They had 30 sign ups and 28 blogs ended up featuring my book.  And my twitter feed has been exploding with retweets.  That is much better than the tour I did for Metamorphosis, which had 5 sign ups, and the only two which ended up actually posting were two blogs which I referred.  It's comparable with the tours I do through Xpresso Books, (which had 50 posted out of 100 sign ups), however those blogs tend to be aimed at a younger crowd than my ideal audience.

I was also excited to be chosen for an author spotlight on Eskie Mama and Dragon Lady Reads.  Again, their readers promoted the heck out of me.

I'm starting to get preliminary reviews back for Inquisition, and so far, people seem to love it.  Including those who don't know me personally and have no reason to be nice about it.

All in all, it was a good week.  Now, on to recovery mode.

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