Monday, 6 March 2017

Weekly Update: February 26 to March 4

Weekly word count: 4550

It's been a difficult week and I am not ashamed to say that life kicked my butt over the last seven days.  But I still managed to get my writing totals done.  

Unfortunately, I'm still looking at a 3 page to-do list that needs to happen in the next few weeks before our family goes through some big changes.  But I'm confident I will get it all done.  I might not sleep but I will get it all done.

The ORWA meeting this weekend was really helpful.  I'd always dismissed Wattpad as a forum for fanfiction but from Linda Poitevin's workshop, it looks like it might be a good marketing tool.  I'd need to do some thinking, but since I'm planning to go broad base to release Judgment once it's ready, maybe doing a serialized release on Wattpad might not be a bad idea. 

I'm loving how Judgment is coming together and I am so excited to get to share Inquisition with everyone this week.  

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