Monday, 27 March 2017

Weekly Update: March 19 to 25th

Weekly word count: 537

As those who saw my Facebook post know, this hasn't been a good week for me.  I've been having some health issues for the last year and a bit.  Nothing life threatening but more of a quality of life issue.  This week, I had a surgery that was supposed to improve matters but unfortunately, it appears to have made things worse.  It's going to be awhile before we can figure out what the next option is.  Again, it's still not life threatening and there are probably plenty of people who wouldn't see it as a big deal.  But it's been a drain on me.

I gave myself some time to process the new situation emotionally.  Usually I try to push through because I have a tendency to depression and if I let that inertia build, it's really hard to get back out of it.  But I've already been struggling and I realized that I needed that time.  It was soothing to read all of the good wishes and offers to help.

I'm hoping to get back to work in a more normal way this week.  To get back into it, I'm going over my plot notes and outline for Judgment.  That usually re-sparks my creativity.

For the next little bit, I'm going to suspend my weekly word goals and treat every word that I manage to write as a victory.

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