Monday, 3 October 2016

Weekly Update: September 25 to October 1

Weekly word count: 5300

I've finished my draft of Rose on the Grave and it's going for a final read-through.  And I got started on a new story for a new series.  I'm giving myself a couple of months to see if I can get the manuscript done, which will give me something to pitch to agents.

I'm also working on the plotting for book 4 in the lalassu series.  I've got most of it laid out but there are still a few big choices to make.

I saw the preliminary work for the Inquisition cover this week.  There's just one final tweak that needs to happen but it's looking good.  I'm hoping to be able to send out the cover at the same time I announce the publication of Rose.

I should get my developmental edits from Inquisition back soon, so it's going to make this next month a busy one.

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