Monday, 24 October 2016

Weekly Update: October 16 to 22

Weekly word count: 3700

Editing countdown: 6 chapters done this week, 17 done total, 42 days to deadline.

Another productive week.  I took a day off from editing to work on my kids' Hallowe'en costumes.  (It's one of my few domestic skills.  I'm only a passable cook and we have a cleaning service, but I can sew and craft with the best of them.)  Now one of my children has a Dr.Who jacket (11th doctor, Matt Smith) along with a fez hat.  The other has a muppet costume sewn out of blue towels and a red cape so he can be Super Grover 2.0.  There's still stuff to be done, specifically adding a pocket to the coat for his sonic screwdriver and making the sash and belt for Super Grover.  But for the most part, costumes are complete.

My Whovian fan of a son has requested a TARDIS front door and a Dalek pumpkin.  I have some ideas and hopefully I can pull them off next weekend before the big day.

It's been tiring trying to keep up a consistent pace and still fit in writing time, but it is working.  I'm making good and consistent progress on the manuscript, which is still completely without title (or idea for title).  Which is fine, titles usually come late in the process for me.

I will be grateful once the editing process is done and I can share Inquisition with everyone and get back to concentrating on writing again.

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