Monday, 31 October 2016

Weekly Update: October 23 to 29

Weekly word count: 2200
Editing countdown: 6 chapters this week, 23 chapters done, 5 weeks to go

I've hit the halfway mark for editing Inquisition.  Which feels pretty good because I've also hit the halfway point for my time available to edit.  Barring catastrophe (looking at you, Universe), I should be good.

I've also been busy getting my kids' costumes ready and the Hallowe'en decorations.  The costumes are good to go.  There are still a few bits and pieces to be done for decorations.

Next week is ORWA's November meeting with a workshop on building your readership with Eve Langlais.  I'm looking forward to that one.

My Kindle Countdown deal for Revelations went well.  I got a nice spike in sales as well as a spike on Kindle Unlimited.  I'm also getting good interest in Rose on the Grave, which is nice.

I'll have to start doing some serious thinking about whether or not I want Inquisition to be part of the Kindle exclusive program.  Having the first two books available on Kindle Unlimited is a good way to gain readers, but do I necessarily want the whole series on there?  I don't have a good answer to that as yet so I think I'll put out some questions to ORWA and get some opinions.

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