Monday, 18 April 2016

Weekly Update: April 10 to 16

Weekly word count: 7300

Taking a moment for my untalented yet enthusiastic dance of victory. 

I ended up going back and doing a new chapter eight, then bumping the original chapters eight, nine and ten all up one (and I'll admit I rewrote a significant portion of each of them).  I am now working on the new chapter eleven (formerly known as chapter ten), so I'm back on track and in a much stronger plot position.

More happy dancing.

It feels good to have things working and flowing.  I'm really liking how my heroine is developing.  She's a lot angrier than any heroine I've dealt with before, but she's got some good reasons to distrust and be enfuriated by the world at large (and the hero, who will eventually have to learn not to stick his foot in his mouth). 

I am, in fact, enjoying it enough that I can't wait to get back to the keyboard.  So I will.  :)

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