Monday, 25 April 2016

Weekly update: April 17 to 23

Weekly word count: 6100

Not bad for a week where I lost two days to errands.  The words are really flowing nicely right now.

I got a question asking whether or not I include my non-fiction word total in my weekly word count.  And the answer is that the word count only includes work on my novels or short stories.  Blog posts, articles and other writing don't count.

I do a lot of non-fiction work.  I have the two posts here every week, plus I do a daily blog in my "real" life about what's going on to keep my family and friends updated.  I do at least two articles a month for Apartment 613 and I'm trying to get back in the habit of posting regular book reviews on Goodreads.  My non-fiction work is probably close to 4000 words a week, but that doesn't get the next book any closer to being written.

It's tempting to "cheat" and count it if I've had a bad week and no progress on the book.  But I started posting my weekly word counts to keep me honest and motivated.  I don't like having to say that I haven't made progress and so it gets me in front of the keyboard when it would be otherwise too easy to put it off.

Thanks for keeping me going, blog readers.

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