Monday, 18 January 2016

Weekly Update: January 9 to 16

Weekly word count: 3800

So very close to my goal, but then I ended up having to work late one night instead of having my writing time.  I'm still pleased with my general process for Inquisition though.

My IRS challenges continue.  I got a notice of rejection for my application for an ITIN.  If I've understood the paperwork correctly, they want a letter from Amazon saying that they want me to have an ITIN instead of an EIN.  So now I have to figure out who to talk to at Amazon to get such a letter.  I'm really frustrated with the continual "here's what you need" followed by "rejected because you don't have <blank>" format of communication.  This should not be that difficult.

My line edits for Metamorphosis are done and now I'm waiting for the proofread.  I was told that there's a backlog for proofreading, so I'm hoping it doesn't affect my deadline.  I keep telling myself that it will all be okay.

I've also had an intriguing thought which may alter how I initially planned out books 4 through 6 of the lalassu.  I'm playing around with it to see how it works out on paper but I think it could be quite interesting.  It requires some shuffling of my planned heroes and heroines but it could be worth it.

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