Monday, 25 January 2016

Weekly Update: January 17 to 23

Weekly word count: 4600

Things are going well with Inquisition and I just got my proofreads back for Metamorphosis so there shouldn't be any problem with making my deadline with Amazon, which is a relief.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is my website.  I think it's time to update, so I've been looking at options.  I'm not a tech person, so it's overwhelming going through a bunch of Wordpress themes and trying to decide which one is best for me. 

I've also been doing some serious thought on promotion and what my strategy should be when Metamorphosis comes out.  I think it's time to bring in some professionals and get some advice.

Things never quite stand still as an author.  There's always something else which needs doing.  I've had to stop thinking in terms of projects and think more of terms of a continuous plan.

At least I have the new season of Agent Carter to look forward to.  :)

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