Monday, 4 January 2016

Weekly Update: December 27th to January 2nd

Weekly word count: 2000

Total for 2015: 163 950 words

About half the time I was not able to make my 4000 words per week target, but only 7 weeks with a zero word count, mostly from when I was on an editing kick.  That's not bad.  It gives me a target to improve upon for 2016.

I'm getting quite excited about my presentation at ORWA on Sunday: how to let your characters speak without saying a word.  I hope people enjoy it.

I'll be getting my line edit results next week.  There's only six more weeks until Metamorphosis is released, which is tight but should be good.  I'll be starting to release quote cards this week again. 

I'm looking forward to having the kids back at school next week and getting a little quiet back.  Christmas was fun but it's time to get going on Inquisition.

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