Monday, 26 October 2015

Weekly Update: October 18 to 24

Weekly word count: 1100
Editing countdown: 7 out of 23 chapters (4 last week)

The cover reveal blitz last week went really well.  We have our winner for the $ 20 Amazon card.  I'm pleased to say they won on a "Follow Your Dreams" entry.  I'm just waiting for permission to share their name on the website.

I got a lot of positive comments about the new cover, which was nice to hear

I'm into my final preparations for Can-Con, including a wee bit of panic over an overdue shipment of buttons.  They should have been here on Thursday last week but there's still no sign.  I'll have to pull up the tracking details.  Other than that, I think I've got everything ready.  Nerve-wracking, but exciting!

Editing is going well.  This week is likely to be tight, so I tried to get a little ahead last week so that I don't fall behind.  The sequel to Metamorphosis is starting to really take shape in my head.  I've even come up with a temporary title: Inquisition.  I was toying between that and Salvation, but I think Inquisition will suit the plot better.

I finished my kids' Hallowe'en costumes.  I'm a little disappointed I won't be here to do the usual decorating and last-minute prep.  The timing for Can-Con means it'll be a rush for me to get out of there and run to be home in time for trick-or-treating.  But I remind myself that it's not like I'm abandoning them entirely.  Their father is capable of hanging up some crepe-paper bats and dragging spiderwebs over the brick.  And the boys are old enough to help out.

It's going to be busy but I'm looking forward to it.

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