Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Weekly Update: July 26 to August 1 (Metamorphosis finished!)

Weekly word count: 7300 and done!

Okay, not done.  I still have to go through and do my polishing and revising.  My first draft always tends to be light on description and point of view depth, so I go back and add those things in my second pass through.  But the story is written through to the last scene.

There are some areas I'd like to tighten up, points in the plot which still feel contrived and artificial.  I always find that's easier once I have the whole story nailed down in terms of the key plot points.

This is the point which I feel separates professional writers from enthusiastic amateurs.  Admittedly, some people like the act of revising and find the blank page intimidating.  Not me.  I love writing new stories and so this is the part where I need to invoke some discipline and stick with making Metamorphosis better rather than starting something new and shiny.  Telling stories is fun.  Making a good story into a great one is work.

Right now, I want to share what I have with everyone.  I know I will never be more excited about this story than I am right at this moment.  By the time I go over it again and again and finish the editing process, I will have started on the next project and be lured in by the shiny newness.

I had this week and next week off work, which let me do more than usual.  I want to have my polished draft done by September 1st so I can get it out to my beta-readers.  Hopefully I can get the bulk of the revisions done before I go back to work.

I also got the final cover for Whispers in the Dark.  Once the business paperwork is done, I'll be sharing it with you all.

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