Monday, 24 August 2015

Weekly Update: August 16 to 22

Weekly word count: 1800
Editing countdown: 16 chapters out of 23 done (3 this week)

As much as I'm enjoying working on the sequel for Whispers In the Dark, which I am now calling Dreams and Visions, I'm running into a time crunch.  Despite my best intentions, I'm finding I'm too brain-dead after supper and after the kids go to bed to actually edit with any semblance of intelligence.  Which means I need to fit it into the day.

I'm telling myself it will still work out okay.  Once the kids go back to school, I'll have a few hours each day (okay, most days) for writing.  If I've got my edits done, I can concentrate on writing Dreams and begin the detailed plot outlines for the sequel to Metamorphosis.  I've already got a lot of ideas for things I want to interweave, so now it's time to figure out how it all fits together.

I'm finding myself curious to see how my developmental edit goes this time.  (A developmental edit looks at overall plot and character development.)  Last time, the challenges were mostly descriptive.  I see things so clearly in my head that I sometimes forget to actually write down what's happening.  I've made a real effort to overcome that in this draft, so I'm hoping there will be less to do.

I'm always humbled with the amount there is to learn with writing craft.  The different subtleties and techniques to create different impressions.  I enjoy the learning and the chance to find the perfect way to express the vision I have in my head.

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