Monday, 10 August 2015

Weekly Update: August 2 to 8

Chapters revised for Metamorphosis: 12 out of 23

It's been a productive week for editing.  Next week I go back to my day job so it'll slow down somewhat but I've got until September 25th to get the manuscript ready.  Then it's December 11th for line edits and a final proofread in January, which should put me right on track to release for February.

I spent most of the weekend putting Whispers in the Dark together for pre-order.  I've heard a lot of stories of draft manuscripts getting accidentally released instead of the final, so I think I'll be nervous about that until release day.

I got my cover for Whispers in the Dark as well as the interstitial and they are gorgeous.

It's been a great and productive week.  Next on my list is to get in touch with some of the bloggers who reviewed Revelations and see if they'd be interested in reviewing Whispers in the Dark.

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