Monday, 18 May 2015

Writing Update: May 11 to 17

Weekly word count: 4200

I had a very slow week until Saturday when I managed to pull off 3000 words in two hours.  Part of it was catching up with life, but part of it was also trying to work through a difficult transition before the start of a key plot point.  I wasn't happy with how the two scenes I needed were progressing.  I tried a couple of different techniques to deal with it: I switched point of view characters, I tried telling the necessary information as a flashback and I worked on the next scene, leaving the transition scene as a blank.  Eventually I found my rhythm again, which was nice.

I had some promotional work to do as well.  I ordered copies of Revelations to sell at Prose in the Park and ORWA's 30th Anniversary Event.  I also ordered some promotional buttons to give away.  Learning to use the button design template was a definite challenge but after a couple of days, I made it work.

The highlight of my week was the review of Revelations by Ella at Writer in Progress.   The interview she provided was thoughtful and well put together.  I was chagrined to realize I'd miscalculated the end of my Amazon card giveaway, so I offered one of her readers a free e-copy of Revelations.  I didn't like the idea of people missing out on the giveaways.

I sent a notice to the winner of the Amazon gift card and I arranged for the two copies from the Goodreads Giveaways to be mailed out.  It was a pretty busy week but a good one in the end.

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