Monday, 24 September 2018

Weekly Update: Sept 16-22

Weekly word count: 4 624

I'm coming to the end of getting the first draft of Third Eye Open finished and that makes me excited even though I'm not going to be able to release it or the re-edited first two short stories in time for Hallowe'en fun.  But once it's done, I can get started on book 5, Division, and possibly book 2 of the Special Investigations series, Until Proven Guilty.  I'm still not quite sure how I'll manage working on both but I've got some ideas.

Division has really started haunting my brain with ideas for scenes and character arcs, so it is definitely ready to come out of the gate and start putting it down on paper.  Until Proven Guilty is a little more nebulous but it's developing nicely inside my head.

This week was actually pretty exciting.  Not only was it bookended by two great events: Tanya Huff's ORWA workshop on the 15th and ALSO's Persisting Beyond Margins on the 22nd, but the areas near where I live got hit with a tornado on Friday evening.  Luckily, the worst we suffered was the loss of our nearly empty freezer contents and no power until Sunday morning.  

Ottawa doesn't get too many natural disasters.  There was an earthquake when my kids were younger, but the worst damage from that was to knock my CD collection slightly askew in their racks.  We had a major flood a few years ago, and there was a fair amount of damage from that but I wasn't personally affected.  And now a tornado.  

One thing that this weekend did teach me is that I'm seriously lacking in my post-apocalyptic coping skills.  Thirty-six hours with no internet or television and my brain was starting to go crazy.  I couldn't even write because my laptop's battery was dead.  Granted, in an actual post-apocalypse, having to survive among the alien invaders or zombie hordes will probably provide a decent amount of distraction but not being able to crash and binge some Supernatural is too much to ask a girl to do.

I ended up binge reading instead and playing a lot of board games with my kids.  I ended up burning through a fair bit of my TBR pile and since I imagine others probably did the same this weekend, I thought I'd offer some new TBR acquisitions.  This week, I'll have the first book in my Lalassu series, Revelations, on sale for just $1.27 Canadian on all platforms for those looking for some new books to try.

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