Monday, 23 July 2018

Weekly Update: July 15 to 22

Weekly word count: still on break

This week was the RWA National Conference in Denver and I have had the most amazing time.  

I met my Twitter buddy, Olivia Dade (who writes lovely books) in real life.  And I met many other amazing women and authors.

On Friday morning, I did three rounds of speed pitching and managed to pitch to four of the five people that I was really hoping to pitch to.  And all four have asked for me to send them the full manuscript, along with another request, which makes five in total.  I also have several requests for a partial.  It's a very heady feeling to know that people are interested in the story I've written.  I'm doing a final read through and then I'll be sending it out to those who have asked.

On Friday afternoon, I was a part of the Indie signing.  I brought five print books and a hundred ebooks to give away.  I was mentally braced to come back home with them, but I only have a few cards left for the ebooks.  People were very interested and I've got to give another shout out to Streetlight Graphics for their awesome cover which drew people right in.  (Literally, since I watched at least a dozen people start to walk right past my table, catch sight of the cover and then beeline over.)

I picked up lots of awesome books.  Enough to keep me in happy reading for at least the next few months.

And I had some great meals and conversations with new friends, old friends, and, of course, my ORWAn ladies.  All in all, it has been a fantastic week.  I'm ready to head home though.  News from the home front is that things have been going well.  My youngest is off to his grandparents' cottage for the week and the oldest's burn is healing well (next doctor visit today).  The animals have missed me, particularly our cat Neelix who likes to pounce on my feet first thing in the morning and our dog, Lynyrd, who is used to having me around the house all day.

But the fun isn't over yet!  Romancing the Capital comes up in a week and a half and I will have my Beyond the Furrowed Brow workshop on the Thursday and my Basics of Burlesque event on the Saturday.  And I'll be at the Giant Book Signing along with a bunch of other awesome authors (Saturday, 4-6, at the Holiday Inn in Kanata Centrum).  I am really looking forward to it.

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