Monday, 14 May 2018

Weekly Update: May 6 to May 12

Weekly word count: 6177 words

What a whirl last week was!  The final prep to get everything ready for Judgment's release today, presenting at Ottawa Comic Con (and spending a solid weekend immersed in my happy geekdom), and preparing for my presentation at Ottawa Independent Writers on Tuesday.  Whew!  I'm kind of shocked that I made it.

First and most important: Judgment (Book 4 of the Lalassu) releases today in ebook.  Unfortunately, there was trouble with the proof, so the print version is not yet ready but will be coming out soon.  And with all the whirl, I didn't quite get the chapter by chapter author commentary up on my website yet, but that will be done by the end of this week.  Judgment was probably the most emotionally intense book that I've written and I think everyone is going to be pleased to find out what happens to Martha and her daughter Bernie (from Revelations and Inquisition) and Lou (Lily's brother, first appearing in Metamorphosis). 

Next and still geeking out: Comic Con.  It was an amazing con this year.  I met Doug Jones, who was wonderfully sweet and gave me a hug as well as an autograph.  He is an amazing creature actor (Shape of Water, Hellboy, Star Trek: Discovery - to name a few of my favourites).  I also got to see Bruce Boxleitner, Karl Urban, Brent Spiner, Jewel Staite, Finn Jones, and Matt Smith.  I was disappointed that Jason Momoa decided to cancel his Q&A, and that Mike Colter wasn't able to come, but I had an amazing time.  Our panel on publishing (with the talented and wonderful 'Nathan Burgoine, Eve Langlais, and Lucy Farago) was standing room only and people seemed really happy to get books for asking questions.  There were some cautious inquiries as to whether or not we'd be willing to do it again, to which I reply: Heck, yeah!

I'm making sure that I'm fully recovered for my presentation for the Ottawa Independent Writers, happening tomorrow (Tuesday, May 15th) at the Hintonburg Community Centre, starting at 6:30.  I'll be talking about emotions and body language and how writers can use it to bring greater depth and expressiveness to their characters.

For my WIP, Deadly Potential, I've reached the point where I'll need to spend a day or two doing a detailed mapping everything out to make sure everything fits together, so my writing goal is 5000 words for this week instead of 6000.  We'll see if I make it.  Thanks everyone for all of your encouragement and to my readers for their loyalty and patience.

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