Monday, 28 May 2018

Weekly Update: May 20 to 26

Weekly word count: 10 413 (new words, that doesn't count repurposed words from previous drafts)

Things are moving much faster on the writing front now that I'm getting into the final draft before I begin querying/pitching the manuscript to editors and agents.  It's a good illustration that the more you know about what you're writing, the faster it goes.  I now know my characters, the ins and out of my plot, how my bad guy works (as a serial killer).  It all makes it much easier to stay in voice and not have to look up previous details.

This weekend was Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston.  It was a fun weekend.  The con itself is fairly quiet, not a lot of sales at the vendor table, but lots of opportunities to network with readers and other authors.  I did some solid plugs for ORWA and the RWA, and I think I found some new recruits, which would be nice.

There were two highlights of the weekend for me:  

First and best, when Amelia bought Revelations on Saturday and came to me on Sunday to say that she'd gotten hooked on the story and if she hadn't been so exhausted, she would have stayed up all night reading.  That is the best compliment an author can ever get.

Second (and it was a close second) was hanging out and getting a chance to visit with Tanya Huff and Violette Malan, both funny, smart ladies with really good books.

I also had a lovely time hanging out with my con buddy, Julie from ORWA, who was gracious enough to man my table during panels and whose assistance made the weekend run super smoothly.

Big shout out and thank you to Liz for putting on a well-organized con.  I'm hoping that time and budget will let me come back next year.

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