Monday, 9 April 2018

Weekly Update: April 1 to 7

Word count: 4620

Most of those words happened on Sunday, Monday and Saturday.  The middle of the week was a complete wash.  Life knocked me down and I had to get my feet back under me before I could move forward.

I've been looking at my deadline to get this manuscript done and it's hit me that it's taken me three months to write the first 30 000 words.  Usually my books are between 90 000 and 120 000 words, so that's a lot of words still to go at the half-way point.  I'm trying to keep myself rational by reminding myself there was a lot of other stuff going on, too.  Like editing and life crises.  

But it still means that I'm going to have to buckle down if I want to have this manuscript ready for mid-July.  

Thanks to everyone who gave me their support.  I'm trying to combat my own perfectionism and failure-phobia by being honest about my struggles so that I can remind myself that they are not insurmountable.

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