Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Weekly Update: October 1 to 7

Weekly word count: 4500

Today's delayed update is brought to you by Canadian Thanksgiving, where we ate turkey and marveled over being able to wear shorts.  And debated how Thanksgiving got started in the first place (leading "facts": Thanksgiving was created by the train company to encourage people to travel home, and Canadian Thanksgiving used to be in November, but got moved to October so that it wouldn't take away from Remembrance Day.  I have not looked either of these facts up yet, so I am not responsible if they turn out to be plausible bullsh*t).  We also had a brief talk about the myths of Thanksgiving and how European settlers actually treated native North Americans (spoiler: not great).  And then we made everyone go around the table and share what they were thankful for this year before sharing our favourite Netflix discoveries.

Writing in the evening after supper is not great.  I only managed two days last week (mostly because I was sick) and then had a big writing blitz on the weekend.  But we'll keep trying.

Now the rush is on to get everything ready for Can-Con this weekend.  I'm looking forward to it, especially the romance panels.  It's so nice to see romance getting some recognition in the spec-fic community.

And then in two weeks, I will be on my way to Charleston for some well deserved rest and writing time.  And then it will be Nanorimo.  Then Christmas...  wait, I want to go back to thinking about the well deserved rest and writing time.

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