Monday, 5 June 2017

Weekly Update: May 28 to June 3

Weekly word count: 800

Not good.  But I'm feeling more energized this week.  Last week, everything seemed to be falling apart and I had no idea what I was going to do.  This week, I have plans.  Maybe not the best plans, but plans nonetheless.  

June 3 and 4th was Limestone Genre Expo.  It was much quieter than I'd expected, and much quieter than the organizers had expected as well.  They said they'd sold about 100 tickets to the event but I would guess only about 20-30 people actually showed up.  Now, those 20-30 people were lots of fun and engaged, so I'm glad that I went but it was definitely the quietest dealer's room I've ever been in.  

Some people were saying that they wouldn't come again next year.  I'll give it another shot as those who were there in previous years said that it's usually a small con but a very active one.

Tanya Huff was there and she bought book 2 in the lalassu series and she's agreed to give me a cover blurb for book !!  That was the highlight of my weekend.

This week, my goal is to write, write, write.  Time to counteract the inertia of life getting in the way and start banging out the prose.  

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