Monday, 30 January 2017

Weekly Update: January 22 to 28

Weekly word count: 3100

Not quite the 4000 that I'm aiming for, but still an improvement, especially given that it's been a difficult week with a surprise meeting at work and two summonings to see the teacher at my son's school due to a behaviour issue.  The latter is going to take some serious thinking about the best way to handle it and prevent future problems, but at least the school and I are on the same page.

I've been trying to get started on making sure I have everything set up for the conferences I've planned.  I did inventory of my various swag items to see what I have and what I'll need.  And I'm taking advantage of the fact that several of the promotional sites have sales on right now.

One of the things I decided that I needed was a tabletop banner and a large vinyl poster of my book cover.  I've been using a mounted poster sized cover, but it's bulky and difficult to move around.  Something flexible will be much easier to deal with.  And for situations where I don't have a convenient wall to mount the poster, a tabletop banner will help.

One tip I've learned from going to conferences, always make sure to have scissors, Scotch tape and either painter's tape or duct tape.  There is always something which needs to be opened and things which need to be fastened.

I want to pick up a set of tablecloths to use for when the tables aren't covered by the event.  I was hoping to find a set in royal blue, but it's apparently not a common colour.  I'll have to decide whether or not to get one in black and one in white (which would be a nice contrasting setup), two in black, or two in gray.  I think I'll have to go to a store and actually have a look at some combinations rather than shopping online.

And now it's time to go back to work so I can make my word count for next week.

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