Monday, 9 January 2017

Weekly Update: January 1 to 7

Welcome to 2017.  So far, so good.

Weekly word count: none but I've been focused on my line edits.  30 of 46 chapters done.

As I do my line edits, I've also been writing up my chapter by chapter author's commentary.  I like going through and noting where things were inspired by real-life people or events or sharing why I made certain choices.  I always love finding out those sorts of things about other authors and stories.

I am very much looking forward to school starting up again.  It'll be nice to have the house to myself again, for at least a few hours a day.

Once edits are done, I'm going to turn my attention back to book four for writing.  I'm pleased with how much work I got done on the independent manuscript but it's time to start the serious work on the next book in the series.

I've also been doing some thought on how I want to present book four.  I've been careful to make sure that each book is a stand-alone but I know that most readers won't start a series in the middle.  So I've been wondering if I should stop including the book number on the front cover.  I included them because it frustrates me as a reader to not know which book goes where in the series.

I've been considering publishing book four on multiple platforms instead of exclusively on Amazon.  It's going to be the start of a new three book arc, so people will be able to pick it up easily.  But I can't say it's book four or they may not try.  It's something to think about and since I have almost a year, that's lots of time to figure it all out.

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