Monday, 4 July 2016

Weekly Update: June 26 to July 2nd

Weekly word count: 5000

Up to chapter 10 for going through my rewrites for Inquisition.  I've shortened the chapters, so I'm pulling material from my original chapters four and five.  I think the pacing works better.

It was the last week of school and it was a hectic swirl of meetings, appointments and all the other little things that needed to happen before I start going through life with short people permanently attached to my hip (and complaining about it).

I'm hoping to still be able to continue my writing productivity through the summer, but it'll be more in fits and spurts than a regular thing.  There are lots of writers who have trouble if they don't get to write every day and one day, I hope to join their ranks, but for now, I need to be practical and focus on what I can do, rather than what I'd like to do.

The summer has started off well.  The family had lots of fun for Canada Day.  We went to the fair and rode rides and played games.  Had lots of fun on the Tilt A Whirl and the Berry Go Round.  My oldest son loved the Graviton (the youngest, not so much).  He had his legs propped up like an old pro.  

My youngest managed to win one of the big prizes at duck fishing.  It's a game where there are a bunch of ducks floating in a mini pool and most of them have an S on the bottom to win a small prize and a very few have an L on the bottom to win a big prize.  He hooked one of the L ducks and the carny was very impressed.  She commented "And people say these games are rigged!"  (My mental response: not rigged, just a lot less likely to win than implied.)  He was very proud of his giant stuffed snake.

We finished off the day watching the fireworks and enjoying some cotton candy and deep fried donuts.  It was a rainy day but the fireworks still happened and everyone had fun.

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