Monday, 23 November 2015

Weekly Update: November 15 to 21

Weekly word count: 900 words
Editing countdown: 19 out of 23 chapters (3 this week)

I'm getting close to the finish line, with two weeks left to go before Metamorphosis is due for line edits.  I've started sending out inquiries to see if bloggers are interested in doing a ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) review. 

I've got four chapters left to edit and my plan is to push myself this week to get them done.  That will give me a week to do a final read-through and polish.  Then I'll need to do a mock-up of the final print copy to let Streetlight Graphics know the page count for the print cover design.  I have to get my ISBNs and decide on my front and back material.

One issue I've been going back and forth on is whether or not to include a one or two page summary of Revelations.  I think I've done a good job of making Metamorphosis a stand-alone novel but I know some readers like to have a brief reminder.  Personally, I usually end up skipping over them but I know people who like them.

I've had people ask why it takes so long between finishing the draft and releasing the published manuscript.  After all, the ARC copy will be substantially the same as the final release.  But the line edit and the final polish review will catch the little mistakes which make a story appear unprofessional.  And they both take time and independent attention.

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