Monday, 16 November 2015

Weekly Update: Nov 8 to 14

Weekly word count: 3500
Editing countdown: 16 out of 23 (3 chapters done this week)

I got a major writing boost when my son got into a 3 hour workshop.  That gave me 2 hours and 45 minutes of writing time on the Sunday.  2400 words done.  Then I got another opportunity later in the week and thrummed out another thousand.  Feeling pretty good about that and really liking how Inquisition is shaping up.

I was also surprised to discover how many people I know also know someone who works in corrections.  I had posted that I was having a hard time finding research material for contemporary American men's prisons.  The library has a half-dozen books on prisons in the 30's, 40's and 50's as well as few biographies on women's prisons and juvenile facilities.  But I've only managed to find one book on men's prison.

Shows are another research option for me although I don't like to rely on them.  But there can be some good information.  There used to be a bunch of prison reality shows on A&E, if I remember correctly, but they seem to have been replaced with Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars.

Luckily, my friends are coming to the rescue and offering to put me in touch with people who are currently working as corrections officers.  That should definitely help.

Next I need to see if I know anyone who also knows a professional magician who does sleight of hand.

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