Monday, 27 July 2015

Weekly Update: July 19 to 25: First Draft Done!

Weekly word count: 6100

I reached the end of the story for Metamorphosis!  I started it over a year ago and I finally reached the end.  I've said the first draft is done, although that's not quite technically true.  I still have a lot of revising to do, including some chapters which will have to be completely rewritten.  But the beginning, middle and end of the story are solid and now can be matched up to one another.

I've decided to stick with Red Adept for editing.  They've done a great job for me so far and while I'll do more investigation into Red Pen, I want to move forward and keep things consistent.  I've learned there's a lot of variation between different editors when it comes to grammatical conventions.  English is a constantly evolving language with multiple sets of rules even within dialects, so there are lots of "right" ways to do things.

It's also time to contact Streetlight Graphics again to do the next cover.  Somehow getting my cover always makes the act of publishing feel real.

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