Monday, 20 July 2015

Weekly Update: July 12 to 18

Weekly word count: 3400

I've started the final confrontation scene for Metamorphosis, which means I am close to finishing the story, if not the draft.  I did take a bit of a break this week to begin going over the final polish for Whispers In the Dark.  (My brain was starting to rebel by pretending to be slow and stupid, so I tricked it by focusing on something different.)

I'm also starting to put down more detail for the plot and characters for the sequel to Metamorphosis.  I heard an interesting factoid a few weeks ago, that the term "apocalypse" means "secrets uncovered" in Greek.  This makes me really tempted to use it as my title for the third book, but I'm worried it has too many modern zombie-related associations.  As hard as it is to believe, it's time to start nailing down details like the title and characters.

I'm also looking into a new editing group: The Red Pen Coach.  Although I was very happy with what Red Adept Editing gave me and can't thank them enough for their work and teachings, I've heard a number of independent authors praising Red Pen so I'd like to check them out.

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