Monday, 15 June 2015

Weekly Update: June 7 to 13: ORWA's 30th Anniversary (Photos)

Weekly word count: 5100

Aside from being a really productive week, writing wise, I also got to become an official award-winning author at ORWA's 30th anniversary.  I joined Ottawa Romance Writers four years ago and they've been an incredibly supportive group of people.  Each year, they honour those who have made the jump from non-published to published. 

We had a wonderful turnout with plenty of current and former ORWA members.

 My first book award.
My friend, Lucy Farago's, first book award.  She taught me about deep point of view.  I'm looking forward to the release of Sin on the Strip.
Our guest speaker, Kristan Higgins, with some more of my ORWA friends, and me.  I got to spend a fair amount of time with Kristan and she was delightful and funny.  A classy lady by any definition.
As part of accepting the award, I had to give a speech explaining about my publishing journey.  I talked about how I was proud to be a member of ORWA and to be a romance writer in general.  Romance covers a huge variety of genres, but there's a common link holding us all together: hope.  Every romance is based on the promise of hope: whether it's surviving werewolf assassins or getting the cute guy to notice you.  We always hope things will improve and deliver on a promise of happily ever after.
And that's worth taking some pride in.

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