Monday, 10 November 2014

November 2 to 8

Chapters revised: 33 out of 35
Days to deadline: 31

While I revised another two chapters last week, I also wrote another one.  Which ups my total word count again.  My list of things I want to do before line revisions is creeping up.

- Check chapter length to make sure its consistent
- Go through for frequently used words
- Read through for inconsistencies and hints that don't go anywhere
- Cut 5000 words (possibly 10 000), if it can be done without impacting the quality

I also have to continue sending out requests for advance reviews, get my IRS tax stuff sorted out, get my Facebook page working, get my bonus material written.

I was also doing calculations and realized I need to have my draft for the Revelations sequel done by July at the latest in order for it to have time to go through the editing process to be released in January 2016.

I think this is what Steven King meant when he said writers couldn't take breaks from writing if they wanted to be successful. 

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